Greetings. I am a purported: Web Developer (Drupal / PHP / MySQL / js), DevOps↗, Game Designer↗, Musician↗, Interactive Media Developer↗, and Computer Scientist?

I also like a little infosec.



I’m a developer, musician, and new media artist currently residing in Chicago. I’m also a graduate of the University of Illinois Springfield’s Computer Science program with a focus on secure application development, information security, and systems administration. I have a breadth of experience across many different sectors of the IT industry including datacenter operations, devops, systems administration, technical support, IT consulting, and web development using Drupal, PHP, MySQL, CSS/Sass/LESS, jQuery/Javascript, and other related frameworks and technologies..

Beyond my other creative interests and hobbies, my current focus is web development, application development, and mobile app development utilizing the Drupal content management platform. This includes the roles of system architect, developer, front-end developer/themer, and site builder. I also have experience with other CMS such as Wordpress, and WP plugin development. I’m also a pro at taking over existing projects which might be in despair, digging-in, and wrangling them into shape. My experience as a systems administrator for both Linux and Windows allows me to be an effective and independent web developer with no show-stoppers.

Where's Joe?

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